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ES-S Series Electric SlidingStep
    • ES-S Series Electric SlidingStep
    • ES-S Series Electric SlidingStep
    • ES-S Series Electric SlidingStep
    • ES-S Series Electric SlidingStep
    • ES-S Series Electric SlidingStep
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Product Details


  • ES-S series electric sliding step is a kind of cassette steps which can help passengers to get on vehicles easily.

  • It is designed to fit on the range of vans, minibuses, taxi, motor homes, ambulances and so on. 

  • It is electrically operated slide in and slide out cassette step providing safe access to vehicle.

  • It's driven by motor, voltage can be 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

  • It is available with sensitive edge and illumination, in both fully automatic and fail safe operation all controlled from our unique control box.

  • The main material is aluminum which is light and has good corrosion resistance.

  • It can be operated by a switch or gang controlled by door.

  • This step can work steadily, reliably and safely. 

  • We have different steps with several specifications, which can meet different requirements.



  • CE certified;

  • EMARK certified;

  • Pass IP57 Environmental test;

  • Compatible with LIN bus and CAN bus;

  • Manual emergency function;

  • door interlock function;

  • sensitive edge;

  • 15kg sensitive loading function;

  • strong pushing function to clear dust;

  • auto sleep mode; 

  • low static power consumption, quiescent current is less than 0.2mA;

  • warning in case of improper installation;

  • self-protection in case of wrong connection; 

  • LED and LED cover are equipped as standard

  • Test weight is 500kg


Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12Vdc or 24Vdc;

  • Power: 30W;

  • Loading capacity: 250Kg;

  • electric sliding step

ModelDapth AThickness BPlatform width CPlatform Depth DOverall depth EOverall width F

We also can make the platform depth D as 235mm 

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