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of Mobility Solutions

Help the old or the disabled to get seated safely, conveniently and comfortably;
Loading capacity:150KG;
Operated by wired remote control, switches on seat or your mobile phone;
Pass EMC R10 test and crash test;
Turning direction: clockwise or anti-clockwise;
swivel seats
Mechanical automatic retractors, self-tightening;
Equipe with cupped tracks/L-tracks;
Standard lap belt;
Shoulder belt for option;
ISO 10542 tested;
wheelchair restraint system
Installed in bus step;
Max lifting height can be 1480mm;
Loading capacity 300kg;
Stays out of sight and out of way when not in use;
Operated by remoted control;
Manually operation for emergency;
UVL-700/1300 Wheelchair Lift (in bus step)
Applied for low-floor city bus;
Installed under chassis of side door;
Driven by motor, voltage can be 12Vdc or 24Vdc;
Warning sound during working;
Anti-skip platform;
Loading capacity: 350kg;
CE certified;
electric wheelchair loading ramp
  • name
  • manual step, sliding step
  • hydraulic wheelchair lift
  • bus passenger seat lift
  • wheelchair lifts
  • UVL-700/1300 Wheelchair Lift (in bus step)
  • electric wheelchair loading ramp
  • manual folding wheelchair ramp
  • electric wheelchair ramp
  • electric wheelchair ramp
  • swivel seats
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