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EWR-TD02 Series Electric Wheelchair Ramp
    • EWR-TD02 Series Electric Wheelchair Ramp
    • EWR-TD02 Series Electric Wheelchair Ramp
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Product Details


  • EWR-TD series electric wheelchair ramp is designed for city bus and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) to help wheelchair occupant to enter  vehicle comfortably and easily while seated in a wheelchair.

  • It is installed on bus floor and flat with floor after installed, so it doesn't obstruct view, access and emergency exit.

  • It is driven by motor and controlled by switch.

  • Main material is aluminum, which has high corrosion resistance. 



  • doesn't obstruct view, access and emergency exit when not in use;

  • warning sound during working;

  • manual backup function;

  • door interlock function;

  • anti-skip platform;

  • ramp will stop when touch some barrier during extending out (Resistance value between 150N and 300N);

  • optional function of 15kg loading induction;

  • Low quiescent current;

  • Pass test: ECE R10, Vibration resistance;

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage:  24Vdc or 12Vdc;

  • Power: 30W;

  • Max Loading Capacity: 300 Kg;

  • Protection level: IPX7;

  • Vehicle floor height: less than 370mm;

wheelchair ramp.png

Unit: mm

modelplatform net length Aplatform net width Bgross length Cgross width Dthickness Evehicle floor height F

Slope Angle:


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