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MINI-UVL Wheelchair Lift
    • MINI-UVL Wheelchair Lift
    • MINI-UVL Wheelchair Lift
    • MINI-UVL Wheelchair Lift
    • MINI-UVL Wheelchair Lift
    • MINI-UVL Wheelchair Lift
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Product Details


  • This lift is designed for van to help wheelchair occupant to get on van while seated on his wheelchair.

  • It is installed under the chassis of van side door.

  • It stays out of way and out of signt when not in use, so it can provide clear path and good visibility for passengers.

  • The frame is super thin with thickness only 90mm.

  • This lift can be operated by the wired remote control or your mobilephone, and it can be operated manually for emergency.

  • Loading capacity is 300kg;



  • Super thickness, only 90mm;

  • Door interlock function;

  • Inside safety locking device;

  • Provides clear path and good visibility both for passengers and the dricer;

  • Mechanical auotomatic roll stops;

  • Warning sound during working;

  • Powerful hydraulic system ensures smooth and stable movements;

  • Anti-skid platform;

  • Manual backup function;

  • CE certificate;

  • High-gloss polyester powder coat finish to prevent corrosion;

  • Can be operated by the remote control or your mobile phone;

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Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12V/24Vdc;

  • Power: 800W;

  • Loading capacity: 300kg;



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