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SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Plus Releasable Swivel Seat
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Product Details


SLIFT Plus series swivel seat is a detachable welfare seat which installed in the middle row of MPV (applicable to commercial vehicles with sliding doors). Replacing the original car seat, this seat swivels out of the vehicle and lowers in height.

Compared with the SLIFT Pro series swivel seat, It is a kind of releasable swivel seat. The seat can be released from the mechanism, and the user does not need to transfer or move to other wheelchairs or equipment through the docking device. After the seat released, it can be used directly as a wheelchair, which can save the cumbersome operations and time waste caused by the secondary transfer.

SLIFT Plus series swivel seat makes travel more accessible for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The released wheelchair has manual one and electric one for option.


  • Program function :The path can be preprogramed by remote control including programing the movement of lengthwise, rotation and seat back adjustment.  

  • Position memory function:The seat can memorize customer’s favorite position and when the seat swiveled in, it can directly go back to this favorite position.

  • Program copy and backup without computer: The customer can use the remote controller to backup or copy the program to other seats themselves without the help of the computer or service engineer.

  • Obstacle protection function: the seat automatically learns and sets the current protection of each motor by measuring the load size. It automatically stops when encountering obstacles and displays various information on the display;

  • Electrical Manual mode:The customer can bypass the program and operate the motor separately by Electrical Manual mode for emergency situation.

  • Door interlock: The seat will check the door status and disable the swivel out function when door is closed.

  • Control by cellphone:The seat can be connected to cellphone by Bluetooth and controlled by APP.

  • Manual function for emergency;

  • Footrest is automatically lowered after rotated out of vehicle;

  • Patent product;


  • volt of mechanism: 12Vdc;

  • volt of electric wheelchair: 24Vdc;

  • power: 120W;

  • loading capacity: 150Kg;

  • lower height: 400mm;

  • rotating angle: 0~90°;

  • Recharge Milage:25Km;

swivel seat

 Model wheelchair  gross length A  gross height B  gross width C  rotating angle D  floor height E  height of wheelchair F 
 SLIFT Plus+  electric8001020640



 SLIFT Plus    manual8001020640




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