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SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
    • SLIFT Pro V2 Swivel Seat
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Product Details


  • SLIFT Pro  V2 swivel seat is a kind of welfare seat which can fitted onto  SUV, MPV etc and help the older or the disabled to get seated safely, conveniently and comfortably.

  • It can be matched and reformed in combination with original car seats even aviation seats.

  • It is operated by wired remote control or your mobile phone.

  • This seat is programmable by the wired remote control including programming the movement of lengthwise, rotation and seat backrest angle. 

  • Turning direction can be clockwise or anti-clockwise.



  • Program function: The rotation path, forward and backward movement, seat back angle and seat lowering height can be programmed and set by the remote control. After the program is set, it can run automatically; the actions of each path can run synchronously;

  • Door interlock function: When the door is closed, the seat can only move back and forth and retract, and cannot be turned out; the door icon is displayed on remote control;

  • Sleep function: When the door is closed for 10s, the seat will enter sleep mode automatically with a low quiescent current. it can be woken up by the remote control

  • Manual emergency function: In the case of electrical damage or power failure, the seat can be retracted manually for emergency

  • Control by cellphone:The seat can be connected to cellphone by Bluetooth and controlled by APP. 

  • CAN function customization is available;

  • pass GB15083 impact test;

  • Equipped with GAC Trumpchi M8 aviation seat, pass the impact test, belt pulling force test, CCC test;


Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12Vdc;

  • Power: 120W;

  • Loading capacity: 150Kg;

  • Lowering Height: 390mm;

  • Rotating angle: 0-113°;

Xinder swivel seat size.png

 Model gross length A 

 gross width B 

 gross height C  rotate angle D  front stroke E  down stroke F  turn direction 

 SLIFT-R Pro V2 






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