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Wheel Base (Option)
    • Wheel Base (Option)
    • Wheel Base (Option)
    • Wheel Base (Option)
    • Wheel Base (Option)
    • Wheel Base (Option)
    • Wheel Base (Option)
    • Wheel Base (Option)
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Product Details


  • This wheel base is option which can be adapted to our swivel seat SLIFT Pro and turning seat SOUT Pro.

  • When it docks to the mechanism of swivel seat SLIFT Pro or turning seat SOUT Pro, you can move seat to wheel base to be a simple wheelchair.  So the wheelchair occupant can get seated comfortably without move.

  • It brings easy entrance to people with reduced or limited mobility.

  • Its load capacity reaches 150kg. 

  • Operation is manual, and height is adjustable.



  • Anti-tip protection;

  • Sturdy driving handle;

  • Wheels and foot rest can be  quickly removed;

  • Limit locker;

  • Docking height can be adjusted by crank;


  • Wheel size: 12" /24";

  • Loading capacity: 150Kg;



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