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BMWR Manual Wheelchair Ramp For van

  • Vehicle: van;

  • Install position: inside of van, at the rear door;

  • Model: BMWR-201, BMWR-301;

  • Max loading capacity: 350kg;

Operation: manual;

  • This wheelchair ramp is a kind of manual ramp which can be used for rear door of commercial vehicle.

  • It can help a person to get on vehicle easily and comfortably while seated in a wheelchair.

  • This ramp consists of three honeycombs plates which are hinged joint to fold and unfold.

  • Main material is aluminum which is light and with high corrosion resistance.

  • Platform equips with black-yellow anti-skip covering, which is more beautiful.

Manual wheelchair ramp

Manual wheelchair ramp

Manual wheelchair ramp

Manual wheelchair ramp

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