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WCT Wheelchair Topper

  • Vehicle: car (right-hand or left hand);

  • Install position: on top of car;

  • Model:  WCT-L/WCT-R;

  • Max loading capacity: 22kg (wheelchair wight);

  • Voltage: 12Vdc;

  • Power: 60W;

Operation: wired remote control;

WCT wheelchair car roof box is designed to help the wheelchair driver to stow wheelchair easily after getting seated.

It is installed on roof of car. 

It is used to store foldable wheelchair.

This wheelchair car roof box can be operated by the driver of wheelchair occupant. It is operated by remote control to take wheelchair in/out of equipment.

It is driven by a motor which can stow the wheelchair in 30 seconds.

It can adapt to left-drive car or right-drive car.

WCT-L Sckoda (9).jpg

WCT-L Sckoda (15).jpg



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