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Care method for the handicapped chair lift

View: 92105/26/2022  

Handicapped chair lifts are the best choice for barrier-free travel. They are mostly used for the side doors and back doors of commercial vehicles. They can lift the wheelchair together with the person and then directly push it into the car, making it more convenient for the accompanying personnel, it saves a lot of energy and can change the experience of traveling. It avoids the trouble of repeatedly moving the user from the wheelchair to the car and then from the car to the wheelchair. So how is the handicapped chair lift maintained?

handicapped chair lift

(1) Handicapped chair lift routine checks every week on the tightness of each screw, the firmness of each fastening point, the level of the two slides, the amount of hydraulic oil, find problems timely adjustment.

(2) Handicapped chair lift routine monthly check and repair for oil leakage.

(3) Handicapped chair lift routine quarterly check the height of both side slides, check the tightness of the wire rope end nut, check the working performance of the safety device while the machine is running, and check the column base fastening nut. Clean and lubricate the slide and guide surface of the sliding table, and check the locking arm mechanism.

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