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Explain the main features of electric wheelchair lifts for trucks

View: 108406/15/2022  

Electric wheelchair lifts for trucks are a product developed to install wheelchair lifts on the side doors of commercial vehicles and trucks. Electric wheelchair lifts for trucks are installed under the chassis of the vehicle and do not block the view of the driver and passengers when not in use. They do not interfere with passengers getting on or off the vehicle and are kept to the thinnest possible thickness, the maximum improvement of the vehicle in the installation of lifts after the road trafficability.

electric wheelchair lifts for trucks

Electric wheelchair lifts for trucks are fully automatic and can be operated by a hand-held remote control switch. The main functions are as follows:

1. Non-slip: this is a very important point, we put black non-slip lifts for trucks on the surface of the platform, non-slip performance is strong, and to ensure that the beautiful.

2. Compact design: the overall thickness of only 9cm, and the basic installation will not affect the passing of the vehicle.

3. Manual emergency: electric wheelchair lifts for trucks with manual emergency functions, lifts can be operated manually to ensure safety in the event of a power outage or electrical failure.

4. Locking function: built-in locking device, to deal with emergencies.

5. App Features: electric wheelchair lifts for trucks via Bluetooth and can be controlled via an APP.

6. Motor current protection function.

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