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The importance of the handicapped chair lift

View: 99107/08/2022  

With the development of society, the birth rate has dropped, more and more old people are going out, and more and more people are concerned about the mobility of the disabled. In order to increase the sense of well-being of the disabled people and facilitate the elderly and disabled people to go out and live, so the handicapped chair lift was specially developed. Handicapped chair lift stable, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, simple operation, can be installed in commercial vehicles, trucks, and other vehicles.

handicapped chair lift

An important part of the handicapped chair lift is the use of wheelchairs and strollers for infants and toddlers, even when there is no immediate need. Handicapped chair lift with safety touch plate at bottom. If there is a person or thing at the bottom of the platform, the lifting platform can not be lowered. Anti-fall device. Each floor has a button post. Stainless steel operation panel, waterproof and dustproof metal button. With automatic copy function, up and up 75 degrees. Aluminum alloy frame, the use of external parts rust-proof material, and all parts surface spray treatment.

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